Carnival of Cannibals - paperback
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Jeri Singleton’s hard work and intellect have brought her close to her dream of medical school, but at the cost of her young marriage. Vulnerable and alone, Jeri meets Ted Johnston, a sad and mysterious stranger who has abandoned the urban lifestyle to which she aspires. Ted has succeeded in the technological world Jeri values, yet he has lost his faith in science and technology.  Drawn together irresistibly across a lonely ski slope, Ted and Jeri begin a quiet romance in the snow muted mountains of Colorado and quickly fall deeply in love. 

Eager to experience Carnival, Jeri convinces Ted to join a group of libertine strangers on a Mardi Gras trip to New Orleans. As their love matures, with the parties and parades of carnival cascading around them, they begin making plans for a lifetime together.  But they are unaware that the emotionless gears of the modern world are grinding inevitably closer to them.

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  • Manufacturer: Cheyenne Spring Publishing

Carnival of Cannibals - paperback

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