Quality of Quantity - Paperback
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Quality of Quantity: Redemption of an American Expatriate is Heath’s story. A wealthy retired “boomer,” Heath remembers and judges his life of international travel, libertine excess and emotional isolation. Since his twin sister’s molestation when they were ten, Heath has blamed himself for not protecting her. Years as an American expat in Asia enable him to use alcohol and sex to patch over the wounds in his psyche. But when a sudden corporate merger requires his repatriation to an America he finds alien and unfamiliar, Heath at last connects his libertine lifestyle to the exploitation he abhors.

Heath’s life is a recital of pain. A scientist, he believes, as quantum physics proves, there is a finite probability of walking through a wall, but he understands that believing makes it no more likely. So it is with Buddhism; believing, even living the doctrine of enlightenment is not the same as Enlightenment.

In remembrances that explore male-dominated cultures from Death Valley to Honolulu, New York to Shanghai, Prague to Rio de Janeiro, Heath recalls his lifelong struggle for emotional intimacy with women. Finally abandoning his decadent and narcissistic lifestyle, he finds peace and redemption in Eastern philosophy.

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Quality of Quantity - Paperback

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