Reminiscences of a Stock Market Flea - Hard Cover
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Reminiscences of a Stock Market Flea takes us on an investing adventure spanning more than three decades; from the dog days of Dow 800 in the late 1970’s, through the roaring eighties on Wall Street, the crash of 1987, the historic bull market lead-up and subsequent crash of 2008, the generational bottom in March 2009 and the Federal Reserve pumped recovery since. A chemist, technical writer and novelist the author’s world travels and extensive options trading have made him a different kind of business writer – an easily understood one.

James J. Houts demystifies trading and with a little Hollywood magic transforms a bewildering, sometimes incomprehensible subject into an entertaining read. He startles us with the slap-in-the-face assertion that everyone should save 25% of gross earnings; then provides the method of doing just that – without an unacceptable hit to lifestyle. He surprises and entertains us by exposing the animal nature of trading and the primitive impulses that drive our trades. “You are your own worst enemy,” says the author, “but trading like a flea can protect you from you.”


What readers are saying:

(The author’s example of comparing stock options to a real estate lease-to-own agreement) is a powerful analogy. It’s the first time I’ve understood options and I had a Series 7 (stock broker’s) license.

                                                                        Technical Editor


This is a fascinating book about not only options trading, but also the history of the business. It achieves its objectives admirably, and is a very good read.



The book is an extremely well written guide to investing for the layperson. The material is easy to read and amusing; the tone is light and casual while the book still manages to be very informative. The movie analogies work very well.

                                                                        Brian B.

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Reminiscences of a Stock Market Flea - Hard Cover

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