The Stock Market Flea: Lessons from the Front - Hard Cover
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Arrogance is one of many emotions that will cause you to lose money in the options market, and avoiding losses is the goal of the Stock Market Flea. Emotion, as explained in the first two books of this series, is the enemy of the options trader.

The many lessons included in this book summarize some of what the author learned as he traded stocks and options during the Crash of 2008 and the five years of recovery since.  Most of these warnings and rules were spawned from his painful losses, and big wins, during this historic period; though some come from a lifetime of trading and others just from life.

Although the short statements provided here represent lessons forged in the heat of global meltdown, this book is offered to the reader as entertainment. The subject of investing, especially options trading, can be as interesting as tax preparation.  Most of the lessons that follow were included in previously published books of the Stock Market Flea series: Reminiscences of a Stock Market Flea and The Stock Market Flea: Trading the Crash of 2008. These first two volumes provide the strategies, tactics and techniques; this book is just for fun.

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The Stock Market Flea: Lessons from the Front - Hard Cover

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